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The Gould Electric team recognizes that sustainability and environmentally-sound construction practices are a necessary method of business when considering the welfare of our local, regional, national and global resources. The strides that organizations like the United States Green Building Council have taken are remarkable and the systems that have been established to rate building performance is significant. In order to become better environmental stewards we seek to employ the right environmental practices on every jobsite regardless of whether it is pursuing LEED classification. We are proud to report that we have completed over 20 sustainable buildings in the San Diego area and are currently involved with an additional 6 which are pursuing various levels of LEED recognition.


Gould Electric takes an active role in the management of the LEED process through the monitoring of materials and installations from both a fully designed and design assist perspective. Your Gould Project Manager will not only monitor the proper installation of the design team’s specified material, but will also work with you to help insure LEED prerequisites and requirements are complied with.

Gould Electric will also monitor the proper installation of high performance electric lighting and controls, energy efficient transformers, and photovoltaic systems to make sure the project meets the minimum energy performance prerequisite.


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