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Lean Scheduling and Management

Gould Electric engages the project’s Lean Scheduling by actively participating in the creation, execution and tracking of the schedule and the construction process. Well-versed in look-ahead scheduling and production tracking, Gould will continue to employ our resources to provide a well-managed and experienced installation staff. As a policy, Gould Electric foremen actively track our daily progress and weekly production rates to ensure our compliance with the customer’s scheduling needs. 
Gould believes that thoughtful planning is a key to our success. We work closely with our partners to create accurate look-ahead’s and makeable schedules so that the project can flow smoothly, without the daily ‘emergencies’ which are common to projects lacking thorough forecasting. 
The Project Manager will coordinate with the onsite foreman, the superintendent and materials procurement team, to ensure that manpower, equipment, materials and personal protective equipment are onsite as-needed. Gould strives to pre-plan our activities so that the right tools, materials and electrician are available to execute the installation in compliance with the project’s sequence and schedule.  We understand that this level of planning results in minimal down/wasted time and helps to reduce material waste and stock-piling.
Gould actively tracks labor production rates and utilizes internal monitoring to analyze our compliance with production goals. This information is used to determine what changes need to be made on a week-to-week basis to help improve ourselves in any activities where production is lacking.



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