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Just-in-Time Delivery & Prefabrication

Two of the primary challenges often identified in a project are the limited onsite storage space and the concurrent schedule of activities associated with the project. To address these challenges we employ LEAN methodology to coordinate our onsite work, our offsite prefabrication, and our delivery scheduling

At Gould Electric, we have seen the value that prefabrication adds to the electrical contracting industry, and have adopted it as a central part of our work execution strategy. Our company has developed a standard prefab assembly catalog and database for ordering and tracking prefabricated products. Our foremen are experienced managers of this process and have the ability to track their orders. Our Preconstruction Services department works closely with the Foreman and the Prefab Manager to ensure that assemblies match the plan & spec requirements, as well as assisting in customized orders. BIM components from the project coordination are quickly translated into work orders for shop fabrication.

Material and Equipment Delivery Control Management

Gould Electric develops a material and equipment deliveries plan for each project specific to the schedule of construction. The plan includes a visual layout of the site that shows structures, roads, site storage, vehicle routes and pedestrian routes. Each site is equipped with signage informing the surrounding community of the construction entrances, exits and deliveries. Safety precautions are taken on site as pertains to deliveries, making sure there is a specific delivery route for construction traffic.

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