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Safety – Policy and Practice

Creating and maintaining a workplace free from hazards that might cause injury or illness is every employers goal. However, in construction employees are constantly exposed to the hazards of their work environment. Tools, machinery, chemicals, materials and human error provide constant exposure to accidents.
At Gould we meet this challenge by promoting the ideal of safety as a “Personal Value”. It is therefore, a basic requirement that every supervisor (Superintendent, PM, Foreman, etc.) makes safety of the employees an integral part of their regular management duties. It is equally the duty of each employee to accept and to follow established safety regulations and procedures.
By adopting safety as a “Personal Value” it becomes a natural part of our thought process. We automatically approach our tasks with increased awareness of the potential risk involved and take the necessary steps to eliminate or control the hazard.
The only workplace that is “free from hazards that might cause injury or illness” is a workplace where everyone has adopted this attitude. It’s a workplace where everyone applies safe work practices in all that they do and they watch out for their co-workers to keep them safe as well.
The effectiveness of this philosophy can be seen in our impressive low mod rate of 0.61. At the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, we had over 120 Electricians working on the site with 45,000 man hours and zero accidents.  Safety as a “Personal Value” is alive and working at Gould Electric.


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