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Building Information Modeling (BIM)
At Gould Electric, we value BIM as a vital tool for accomplishing the team goals of our projects. From project inception, through the construction phases and closeout, it provides us with insight into the future complexities of the project. Most importantly, it provides the means to translate our problem-solving into meaningful visual communication with the rest of the Design and Construction Team. 

Gould Electric relies on our 3D modeling capabilities using AUTOCAD MEP 2012 to provide detailing for virtually every element of construction. These elements range from simple switch and power outlet lay-outs, poured-in-place assemblies, Underground duct banks, and complex overhead racked feeder distribution systems. These efforts require not only experience with conflict identification software (Navisworks) but also seasoned detailers with plenty of hands-on experience in the field. Our training and experience in these areas empowers us to coordinate with the other trades to identify the best solutions for the project.

At Gould, we are enthusiastic about Pre-Construction planning, and we strive for a proactive approach with the design and construction teams. We find that the collision detection process, or “clash meetings” are a vital step in coordinating our work with the architects, consulting engineers and other trade contractors. Not only does this allow a greater degree of pre-planning for each company, it starts the Construction Phase of the project on a positive and cooperative note, allowing trades to seek “win-win” solutions to the challenges often encountered in system routing.

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